Feb 1st – Marta Capponi group @ Brasserie Tolouse Lautrec, Kennington, London

Feb 5th – Joe Webb Quintet @ Dempseys, Cardiff

Feb 11th – Huw V Williams Group @ The Amersham, New Cross, London

Feb 14th – Tsivi Sharret Group @ The Crypt, Camberwell, London

Feb 24th – Emilliano Caroselli Trio @ The Oxford, Kentish Town, London

Feb 26-28 – Dylan Live tour @ All sround Wales (more details to follow)

March 1st – Huw Warren Trio @ Cafe Teras, Bangor

March 10-15 – Huw Warren’s Tails for Wales Tour @ Venue all around Wales (more details to follow)


30/09 7pm w/ Martin Daws

The Literature Lounge, 55 High Street, Bethesda LL57 3AE
Free Entry

02/10 9pm w/ Huw Warren trio; Huw Warren (piano), Lloyd Haines (drums)

Dempseys, Cardiff

14/10 1pm w/ Huw Warren

Galeri, Caernarfon

14/10 9pm w/Huw Vs Williams project

Shot in the Dark, City Road, Cardiff

16/10 9pm w/ James Clark Trio; James Clark (piano), Rod Oughton (drums)

Dempseys, Cardiff

18/10 9pm w/ Chris Maddock Quintet; Chris Maddock (alto saxophone), Nadim Teimoori (tenor saxophone), Gareth Fowler (guitar), Clark Tracey (drums) 

Yardbird, Birmingham

05/11 10pm w/ Huw Vs Williams trio, Greg Sterland (tenor saxophone), Lloyd Haines (drums)

Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

05-06/11 w/ Joe Webb album recording, Joe Webb (piano), Lloyd Haines (drums)

Fieldgate Studios, Penarth

28/11 9pm w/ Adam McLaughlin group, Adam McLaughlin (saxophone), Alex Haines (guitar), Lloyd Haines (drums)

Dempseys, Cardiff

03/12 9pm w/ Huw Vs Williams ensemble, Greg Sterland (tenor saxophone), Huw Warren (accordion), Lloyd Haines (drums)

Dempseys, Cardiff

05/12 8pm Yamaha Scholars Show case w/ Huw Vs Williams ensemble, Greg Sterland (tenor saxophone), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Huw Warren (accordion), Lloyd Haines (drums)

606 jazz club, Chelsea, London

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