New HON dates

Since having a baby, I’m (sort of) making a comeback to HON. We have some new gigs in the diary and we’d love you to come down and check it out!

For the gig in November we’ll be premiering HONsemble. It’s an expanded version of HON with the addition of 3 tenor saxophones and another drummer. I am planning on keeping a type of online diary on here in the lead up to the gig of the progress being made, so keep in touch! The line up will be;

Huw V Williams- Bass/Tunes
Laura Jurd – Trumpet
Alam Nathoo – Tenor Saxophone 1
Jonathan Chung – Tenor Saxophone 2
Alex Merritt – Tenor Saxophone 3
TBC – Tenor Saxophone 4
Elliot Galvin – Keys/Accordion
Pete Ibbetson – Drums/Synths
Jay Davis – Drums/Percussion

July 22nd at The Vortex

September 23rd at Southbank Centre


Hope to see you there!

(Photo taken at Umut 2000, December 2014)


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