Solo records….

Hope all is well!

Since the baby is sleeping, I thought I’d write up and share some bits of my favourite solo albums/EPs. I have friends currently working on and performing their own solo projects, so it got me thinking, I have to work on my own thing (as it’s something I’d like to try at least once) and there’s so much great music I have to revisit.

Here’s Thomas Stronen’s Pohlitz. This has been on in my car over the last few weeks, his sonic pallet is immense. Totally worth checking out. I couldn’t find a piece from the record on youtube, but here’s another solo piece of his (you should buy the record anyway).


Here’s Kim Cass and his solo bass record. I got this from Bandcamp recently on recommendation from a friend. When I checked it out, my ears melted. It’s a solo bass record with serious chops, but with poly rhythmic midi stuff going. Here’s a video to promote the EP and an explanation behind the creative process.


On of my favourite bass players ever is Peter Herbert and he has a solo bass record along with a book of transcriptions. It is available here. His record is totally worth checking out, but I can’t find any videos of any of the pieces featured on this record, so here’s him talking about his Joni Mitchell project;


Another solo record I have been checking out is Derek Bailey’s Ballads. This album is insane! I love his musical language, taking high action old-timey archtop sounding guitar into an avant-garde context.


Finally on my list I have Mary Halvorson. I haven’t bought this record yet, but when I was in New York in May 2014, I went to see her at Le Poisson Rouge. Here’s an example of what she does in her solo shows;


Those are what I’ve been checking out, but stuff that are imminent are……

July 22nd at the Vortex there will be a triple bill with my band HON along with Laura Jurd doing an improvising trio and Corrie Dick doing a solo set. Here’s how Corrie’s music sounds….

May 27th, the guy who got me into all this jazz trouble, Huw Warren is doing a solo piano/quartet set at The Vortex. There will be a solo record to follow (bits of which I have heard), keep your ears peeled, it’s great!

June 2nd and June 6th, my old college buddy Alex Haines will be doing some solo gigs in Cafe Jazz, Cardiff and then at Jazz at the Oxford.

Finally, here’s a video of me playing a version of Gruff Rhys’s Pwdin Wy 2.



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