HON Review accumulation.

Hi everyone, I thought I’d put all the HON reviews on one blog post. I’ve been really chuffed with what people have to say about the album, so I thought I’d mention the writers who said these loverly words and the links to the reviews.

Stephen Graham’s words from Marlbank.

Ian Mann’s descriptions from The Jazz Mann.

Adrian Pallant who writes for AP Reviews.

John Fordam who wrote this for The Guardian.

Ivan Hewitt made these words appear in the The Telegraph.

Here’s Matthew Wright’s words for the The Arts Desk.

Esther Hayden on the behalf of On The Come Up TV.

Here’s a cutting of Selwyn Harris’ review from Jazzwise.

Here’s Lynn Bayley’s review on The Art Music Lounge.

Stewart Smith’s words for The Quietus.

If you would like to buy the record; you can get it directly from me as a CD via the paypal link on the home page or download/buy the CD from bandcamp. It’s also available on iTunes and Amazon. I also have the sheet music for sale on bandcamp for the music nerds amongst you.


Thanks for reading.



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