General ramble….

The HON CD is out on 26th Feb, but as well as talking about my own release, two friends of mine have both got CDs out that are WELL worth checking out.

One from Alex Merritt’s quartet called Anatta featuring Alex on Tenor Saxophone, John Turville on Piano, Sam Lasserson on Bass and Jeff Williams on Drums. The other album is from Chaos Collective label-mate Corrie Dick called Impossible Things, who has Conor Chaplin on bass, Joe Wright and George Crowley on saxes, Laura Jurd on trumpet, Alice Zawadzki on vocals and fiddle, Felix Higginbottom on percussion, Matt Robinson on piano and pocket piano and Joe Webb on Organ/Wurlitzer. CHECK THEM OUT.

In mid January I went to Germany to play with a few gigs with Berlin based musicians, Jonathan Lindhorst on Tenor Saxophone, Peter Van Huffel on Alto Saxophone and Bodek Janke on drums. We played some eachother’s pieces and it was LOADS of fun! If you’re curious about how it sounds, here’s a soundcloud link to a piece by Jonathan called “Mari vs Laminat”.

HON are still playing a few gigs to promote the CD, we are at…..

15/02/16 – Beaver Inn, Appledore
16/02/16 – St Ives Jazz Club, Cornwall
17/02/16 – Calstock Arts, Cornwall
18/02/16 – Soundcellar, Poole

….. I’m also working on booking some more gigs for the future. But before all that, there are a few gigs coming up that I’m very excited about which I will post about soon.

Thanks for reading,


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