A taste of what’s coming….

Hope all is well! I thought I’d share what I’ve got coming up. My record with HON is still in the works, I’ve finished all the mixing and mastering and now just working on the artwork with Meirion Ginsberg, check out his work!

Here’s a 55 second taster of the CD:

It’s all exciting in the HON camp, as we have a show in Brecon Jazz festival this year, if you’re in the festival please do come, I am hoping to have some sneaky pre-release CDs to sell on the gig.

Here are all the dates we have so far:

08/08/2015 – Brecon Jazz Festival

20/10/2015 – Jazz at the Spotted Dog, Birmingham

21/10/2015 – CD RELEASE PARTY Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London

15/02/2016 – Beaver Inn Appledore

16/02/2016 – St Ives Jazz Club

17/02/2016 – Calstock Arts

18/02/2016 – Sound Cellar, Poole

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