Monthly Archives: April 2015

Murnau On the Beach

Today’s piece is from Ben Perowsky’s Esopus Opus CD, which was released on Skirl Records. It’s got 3/5 of the original Claudia Quintet line-up (Drew Gress, Ted Reichman and Chris Speed). I joke about this with friends, but I think it might be the closest a horn has ever come to sounding like Randy Newman’s […]

Chris Speed 26-2

I’m a huge Chris Speed fan, so I took down the way he played the head to 26-2 and the first chorus. This is from the album ‘Really OK’, which features Chris Tordini on bass and Dave King on drums. This record is well worth checking out! I’m planning on getting more of this down, […]

Cork Soles….

Since it’s all pretty quiet at the moment, I thought I’d keep up the transcription sharing thing. I took down this tune called Cork Soles composed by Brooklyn based piano player Jesse Stacken. It’s from his latest record called Helleborus featuring Tony Malaby, Sean Conly and Tom Rainey. Before I went on to figure out […]