This is Hon.

Having had this wordpress site a while, I’ve failed to be active recently. I have no real excuses, just pure laziness.


Anyway, I thought I’d post about my most recent project HON and what we’re up to……..

We will be playing a gig at The Vortex in Dalston on Monday 15th December. Jay Davis will be playing drums with us on this date, as Pete is away touring. However, I’m very excited to hear Jay’s take on the music again (he sounded killer last gig he did with us). I’m very excited about this gig, I have see some of my favourite musicians ever play at the venue, so I’m very excited I get to present some of my original music there. All the details needed within this link.

Next on the HON calendar is a recording at Bryn Derwen studios in early January. This will be my first recording, so I am extremely excited! As well as the usual line-up, my old friend college friend come recording engineer/sonic guy Alex Killpartrick will be tracking and also the guy who got me into this jazz mess, Huw Warren will be producing and making any extra noises that are necessary. I’m hoping that I won’t forget to take any photos when I’m up there and I’ll get to share a document of the process on a future blog post.

If you get to this blog post before you get to facebook, feel free to give the page a like HON. I’ve posted a bunch of recent reviews up there, one from Jazzwise and the other from The London Jazz Blog.

I have neglected to mention the rest of the band, who are the actual badasses that make the music work! They’re all amazing band leaders and composers and totally worth checking out! So here are some links to their websites….

Alam Nathoo

Laura Jurd

Elliot Galvin

Pete Ibbetson

Thank you and Good Night.


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