Jazz/creative music funding.

There’s no funding in creative music anymore.

When I was 17 (2008), I went on a summer school to Austria called JIMS. Although musically I was nowhere near ready to be there, but the week really made an impression on me. The tutors were world class improvisers, such as Mark Dresser, Peter Herbert, Jim Black , Ellery Eskelin and so on… I signed up for the course the next year, unfortunately they had lost a sponsor and in the end couldn’t happen. Here’s a link to a video of the week:

In the UK, jazz services funding got cut recently from the arts council. I’ve not directly worked with them before, but for someone like myself who is still in the early stages of their career, this is very worrying. We all know there’s not much money in creative music and of course that’s not the reason why we do it, but with the cost of survival these days, we have little or no money to spend on our own creative visions. I believe that the market for this music could be sustainable, but with the news of loss of it’s funding, this might be putting audience members off buying records/going to gigs.

So, please sign this petition

Having already lost JIMS from the European/international scene, let’s make sure we don’t lose jazz services to represent the UK.

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