In touch and out of touch

I haven’t written anything on here for ages. So i thought I’d do a little round up of what’s happened and about to happen.

These past few months I have been involved with a project that celebrates Dylan Thomas’s centenary. It’s called Dylan Live, it involves beatboxer/MC Ed Holden (Mr Phormula), Lecturer Daniel Williams and poets Martin Daws, Zaru Jonson and Aneirin Karadog. Here’s a video of what it sounds/looks like (saves me the effort of explaining it badly):

We have already done a few shows, but there are more coming over the next few months. We will be at PEN festival in New York, Dinefwr festival in Llandeilo and more dates being confirmed at the moment.

In March, I was very fortunate to be involved with Huw Warren’s new project, called “Tails for Wales”. The group feature some new compositions of Huw’s played along side some pieces from his Barrel Organ from Home record. The band features Huw on piano, Mark Lockheart on Saxophone, Maria Lamburn on bass clarinet and viola, Zoot Warren on Drums and myself on Bass. We have a date coming up on May 27th at the Vortex, out only London show, do come down!

I have just come back from a short tour in Finland with Karri Luhtara on piano, Marilena Paridisi on vocals and my NW2 neighbour Emiliano Caroselli on drums. It was great, I ate so much food and got to hang out in a Sauna! Keep an eye out for Karri, he’s been working hard on getting musicians from all over Europe to play in Finland and spreading some great music around, and also marrying the idea of food and music (the two most important things ever). Here’s a picture of me that Marilena took after one of the gigs with a heap of flowers in my bass case.



In May I will be playing a couple of gigs with New York saxophonist Michael Blake in London and Cardiff. We will play The Oxford in Kentish Town London on May 19th with a band of Michael – Saxophone, Andrew Oliver – Piano, Lloyd Haines – Drums and then at Dempseys Cardiff on May 20th with Huw Warren on piano instead of Andrew and also the addition of Alex Haines – guitar. These are my two favourite jazz venues in the UK, so please come down to check it out!

Finally, in the beginning of April, there was a loss in the Family, my aunty Mair passed away after battling with cancer. She’s the most inspirational person ever, she was always in great spirits, even towards the end. She taught me to make most of life and to pursue what’s important to yourself. Here’s a link to my musical tribute to her on Soundcloud, performed by Joe Webb’s quintet:

Right I think that’s about it,


P.S check out the 5049 podcast, it’s killer.


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  1. Hi Huw, I’m glad thet you have posted my photos and also has been very nice to meet you and play together!!! all the best Marilena

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