Autumn Musical Happenings.

Summer’s come to an end, but it was great. I was lucky enough to have a chance to fulfil a musical ambition of mine and play a load of music with my friends.


In August I got to play two gigs with a trio led by Huw Warren, myself and Jim Black. One being at Brecon Jazz festival and the other at the Con Cellar Bar in Camden. The Brecon gig was recorded by the engineering genius Alex Killpartrick and being mixed at the moment, some tracks will find their way out onto soundcloud in the coming months. Here’s a link to a nice review from the Jazz Mann blog,

In other happenings, I am starting a new project with other London based musicians. The band will be playing tunes composed by myself and will feature Alam Nathoo on Tenor Saxophone,  Elliot Galvin on Accordion and Pete Ibbetson on Drums. I am super excited about this new band, we had our first rehearsal in mid-August and the guys made the music sound a hundred times better than I ever imagined it could. Our debut gig will be at The Hackensack night at Cafe Jazz on November 7th.

Here are some dates for up coming performances.

September 10th: Huw V Williams Improv Shredfest, Alec Harper (Tenor Saxophone), HVW (Bass), Lloyd Haines (Drums), Dempseys, 9pm start

September 12th: Neil Yates (trumpet), TBC (Saxophone), Huw Warren (Piano), HVW (Bass), Eryl Roberts (Drums), Cayley Arms Rhos On Sea, 8pm

September 19th: Alex Merrit Trio, AM (Tenor Saxophone), Sam Leak (Piano), HVW (Bass), Hot Numbers Cafe Cambridge 9pm

September 20th: Huw Warren’s Diamond Express, Huw Warren (Piano/Accordion), Maria Lamburn (Clarinet), HVW (Bass), Zoot Warren (Drums), Blue Sky Bangor 8pm

October 15th: Tsivi Sharett group, Tsivi Sharett (Piano, Vocals), Reuben Fowler (Trumpet), HVW (Bass), Emilliano Caroselli (drums), Shaftesbury Tavern Crouch Hill, 9pm

October 18th + 19th: Huw Warren Trio, Huw Warren (Piano), HVW (Bass), Zoot Warren (Drums). Cafe Teras 7.30pm.

November 3rd: Tsivi Sharett group, TS (Piano, Vocals), Reuben Fowler (Trumpet), HVW (Bass), Emilliano Caroselli (drums), Union Chapel 9pm

November 6th: Michael Weizmann Group: Tsivi Sharett (Piano), HVW (bass), Michael Weizmann (Drums) Mill Hill Jazz Club, 8pm

November 7th: HVW Group, Alam Nathoo (Tenor Saxophone), Reuben Fowler (Trumpet), Elliot Galvin (Accordion), HVW (Bass), Pete Ibbetson (Drums). Cafe Jazz, 9pm

November 13th: Adam McLaughlin Group: AM (Tenor Saxophone), Joe Webb (Piano), HVW (Bass), Rod Oughton (Drums), Dempseys 9pm

November 26th: Jonathan Chung (Tenor Saxophone), HVW (Bass), Jay Davis (Drums), Dempseys 9pm

Hope you can come to one of the gigs! There might be more dates, check my twitter account for updates (@huwvwilliams).

Final Thing, here’s a short video from Brecon Jazz when I stepped in to play with Lloyd Haines Quartet.

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