Monthly Archives: September 2012

Another Claudia Quintet transcription.

Over the summer I did this old Claudia classic, but I’ve not quiet finished it, still need to do the drum part (anyone fancy giving me a hand?). I hope the link works! adowa-for-gra-unfinished

Old Notebooks from JIMS 2008

This probably doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but I looked through my old diary and found a massive list of records to check out. I was given this list at a jazz/improvised music summer school in Austria in summer 2008, right before I started music college. Jonathan Lindhorst (one of the other students on […]

What I’ve been checking out today……… 09/09/12 This is a really cool set from last month that Ethan Iverson did at the Village Vanguard with Ben Street on bass and Albert “Tootie” Heath.  I’ve also been checking out a bit of old recordings recently from this collective of musicians from some bootlegs I grabbed off the Small’s website. There’s a really […]